Top 5 Star Hotels In Ireland
5 Star Hotels Ireland

Top 5 Star Hotels In Ireland

Top 5 Star Hotels In Ireland 

Are you looking for the best 5-star hotels in Ireland to spend the weekend  away from your busy schedule? If yes, then you must visit all the 5-star hotels  mentioned below as they are the best hotels in Ireland. Want to know more  about them? Stay tuned then. 

1. The Marker Hotel – Dublin 

This modern and stylish hotel is located right in the middle of Dublin city. It is  one of the top-rated five-star hotels in Ireland that has been providing luxurious services to the guests visiting it.  

Want to know what makes this 5-star hotel different from the other hotels in  the country? It is the checkerboard façade of the hotel that makes it  completely unique and different from the rest of the 5-star hotels. 

The hotel’s restaurant is called The Brasserie. The restaurant at the Marker  Hotel is one of the best restaurants in town. This is why it was even awarded  the best hotel restaurant in Dublin.  

You can even visit the rooftop bar of the hotel to enjoy the panoramic view of  the entire city. This will surely make your day memorable.  

Apart from this, there is also an infinity pool at the hotel. If you are a fitness  freak then there is even a fitness center and spa available for you. The rooms  available at the hotel are some of the most luxurious and comfortable rooms  that you will find in the country. No doubt it is one of the top 5 star hotels in  Ireland.  

2. Adare Manor – Limerick 

This hotel is a Neo-Gothic manor hotel located in Limerick. Adare Manor offers  the guests the most luxurious experience that they will ever get. The area of  the estate is 850-acre in total. There are townhouses and villas on the estate  as well. The estate is so big that you will need to hire a bike if you properly  want to explore the hotel. 

If you are a golf player, the hotel has a golf course for you. In addition to this,  there is also an indoor pool and a lot of gardens as well. 

Do you like to read? Then there is even a library for you at the hotel where  you can spend your time reading.  

The rooms at the hotel are incredibly luxurious and comfortable. The rooms  have four-poster beds along with fireplaces and antiques. Apart from this,  there are also claw-foot baths in the room. On the other hand, the villas and  townhouses are equipped with all the modern facilities including a modern  kitchen. There is also a restaurant at the hotel where guests can enjoy their  meal. 

3. Merchant Hotel – Belfast  

This hotel is located on a former bank. This is why you will spot decadence in  every part of the hotel. The interior and the art-deco of the hotel is in Victorian  style. So, if you are a fan of Victorian art, then you should definitely visit this  hotel.  

The rooms at the hotel are luxurious and spacious. They are equipped with all  the modern facilities that would make the visit to the guests worth  remembering. There is high-speed free internet for the guests as well that  they can use in their free time or in time of need. There are also flat-screen  TVs and small fridges in each room. In addition to this, there is also the  equipment needed to make coffee and tea. What more do you want? 

Still not impressed? Then you must check out the suites of the hotel. The  suites include a living room and fireplaces for the guests. This is why its suites  are famous all over the country.  

You can even visit the spa and gym that is located on the rooftop of the hotel.  The rooftop offers a panoramic view of the entire city.  

4. Lyrath Estate – Kilkenny 

Have you ever spent a night at this luxurious hotel? If no, then you should  definitely do it once. A night spent at this 5-star hotel will make you feel  fresher and more relaxed than before.  

This luxurious five-star hotel is located right in the middle of Kilkenny city. It  is a historic estate that dates back to the seventeenth century. Thus, the hotel  is the perfect combination of new and old interior. 

The area of the estate is approximately 170 acres. There is a picturesque Irish  countryside on the state that the guest can enjoy on their survey of the estate. 

All the rooms are incredibly spacious and comfortable. There is a private  bathroom available for the guests that have all the luxurious toiletries that  one can only dream of. 

Apart from this, the hotel is extremely comfortable and takes care of all the  comfort of its guests. The place has a lot of rooms that are spacious and  equipped with all the modern equipment. In addition to this, the rooms are  equipped with air-conditioners as well. There is free internet access for the  guests that they can enjoy without any interruption. 

5. Lough Eske Castle – Donegal 

Lough Eske Castle is located on the shores of Lough Eske. It is a castle that  dates back to the seventeenth century and has been restored. If you own a  pet, you can even bring them to this luxurious 5-star hotel as it is both pet friendly and family-friendly.  

Both the rooms and the suites at the hotel are equipped with either four poster or canopy beds. Some of the suites even have a luxurious living room  to offer to the guests staying in the suite. Apart from this, there are even free standing baths and fireplaces for the guests. 

The restaurant at the hotel is once in a lifetime kind of dining experience.  There are large windows with glass doors in the dining room that opens up to  the terrace. So, if you are staying at this hotel, you should definitely visit its  restaurant. 

So, if you want to spend a nice weekend away, then book the hotels mentioned  above as they are the best hotels in Ireland.

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