Hotels Of Ireland

Hotels Of Ireland

Hotels of Ireland

The scintillating historical events and immense cultural treasures have made Ireland a place worth visiting. The cobblestoned pathways and wide range of ancient buildings are a testament of all the military combats, Ireland was once famous for. Irrespective of being a small region, it has established its name around the globe in various sectors. From being the best beverage (Guinness) manufacturers since ages to being the home ground of famous novelists like Oscar Wilde, the country’s reputation has gotten better than before.

The lively culture, warm nature of Irish citizens and importantly, the famous nightlife is cherry on top. So, if you are planning, to visit an adventurous yet scenic place, Ireland must be your top priority. Here’s a list of some of the best hotels in Ireland that will make your trip worth it.

Ashford Castle:

Who doesn’t want to spend their lives in the lap of comfort and luxuriousness? Every individual dream of living in a castle surrounded by extensive green beds adorned by flowers of different colours. At Ashford Castle in Ireland, you can have your dream come true.

 This estate was built in 1228 and is a perfect blend of Victorian and modern times. The hotel is not only famous for its breathtaking views and architecture but is also known for its outstanding food. The staff is attentive and makes the guests feel like royalty. However, the entire stay at this hotel can get a little steep.

The Merrion Hotel:

The Merrion hotel located in downtown Dublin was once Georgian-style semi-detached houses. The entire strip of these townhouses was demolished, and a single, massive property was constructed that comprises of about 142 rooms. The hotel is well-known for its state of the art exterior as well as the interior. Furthermore, Irelands famous Patrick Guilbaud restaurant and an 18th-century old wine cellar bar are also, established here.

¬†Moreover,¬† fitness centres, spas, saunas, swimming pool along with other facilities like Wi-Fi, personal bars are also present. It is less pricey as compared to the castle based hotels. One can have a spectacular view of Dublin’s famous nightlife since the hotel is located, in downtown Dublin.

Sheen Falls Lodge:

It is situated, at approximately three hundred acres of land, the sheen falls lodge is present in southern Ireland. The property has a spectacular view of Kenmare Bay and offers a variety of activities for its guests. Like any other hotel sheen fall lodge also has a champagne lounge, upscale restaurants, spas, indoor pool, saunas and the rest.

Its wide range of exhilarating and adventurous outdoor activities makes it different from its competitors. From horse riding, kayaking, golfing to pigeon shooting and falconry travellers indulge in these excursions with high spirits and enthusiasm. The hotel usually gets booked rapidly during the holidays because of the variety of on-site activities it offers.

Lough Eske Castle:

The Lough Eske Castle was established in the early or mid-1400s and is located, in the Donegal Town of northwestern Ireland. It is surrounded by, tall trees and vast fields of immaculate lush green grass which make it more picturesque. Another thing that augments the beauty of this hotel is the lake or lough located within the premises. Apart from its scenic landscapes, the hotel is known for its flawless service and variety of luxuries. The hotel has all types of, facilities like spacious rooms adorned with customized furniture and linens to modern spas, Jacuzzis and pools. However, there are limited food options available at Lough Eske Castle.

The Westbury:

The Westbury Hotel is located adjacent to the Westbury Mall and is closer to Dublin’s famous tourist spots. The interior of all the two hundred and five rooms is minimal, nothing too luxurious but certain facilities have made it distinct from others. The bathrooms are made from sheer granite and solid marble with heated floorings while the suites are equipped with other facilities. A personal beverage bar, Wi-Fi, and a personal footman are also provided upon special requests.

The staff is highly attentive and proficient in meeting the customers’ needs. The hotel also consists of good bistros that have numerous breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

Hayfield Manor:

It is located in southern Ireland having a vintage exterior that dates back to the 19th century. Apart from the dining area, spas, lounge, indoor game room and champagne lounge, there are total eighty-eight guest rooms. The overgrown climbers covering most of the building makes it more scenic and eye-catching and also enhances its old architecture.

Each guest room is well equipped with all the modern-day amenities, for instance, heated flooring, Wi-Fi, flat screens etc. the hotel is also known for hosting wine tasting event on specific days usually during the evening. Also, you can relish the amazing cuisine of Orchids Restaurant during your stay at Hayfield Manor.

Powerscourt Hotel:

This picturesque manor house like a hotel is located in the southern region of Dublin. There are around 194 accommodations, each adorned with conventional Irish furniture. Basic facilities like Wi-Fi, flat-screen TV, comfortable bed linen, marbled bathrooms with the proper heating system are all present. A beverage counter consisting of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, coffee machines and the rest can also be found in the room.

 The Powerscourt Hotel also consist of a spa, swimming pool, fitness centre and a golf course. At this hotel, you can find numerous eating places like Sika restaurant for traditional Irish cuisine. Sugar Loaf Lounge is the place for light confectionary items and cocktails while McGill’s is an Irish club.

Due to its famous sightseeing sites and rich culture, tourism in Ireland has escalated in the last decade. The growing number of vacationers has benefitted the hospitality industry. There are more than two hotels present in the same vicinity each more grand and modern than the other. Thus, in Ireland, you will find different sorts of inns e.g. urban, antique or a blend of both. Hence all these hotels are ranked based on the customer’s feedback, staff service, cleanliness, food and the like.

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