Hotels In Northern Ireland

Hotels In Northern Ireland

Hotels In Northern Ireland

When life gets too much, you need a vacation. Though most people think that having a vacation means getting time off from work and just relaxing, a proper vacation is a trip that you may take with your family or your partner to enjoy with them on your own honestly. A vacation is a place where you don’t know anyone, and you have no responsibilities.

So, if you are not from Ireland, Ireland is the perfect place to go to. It is secluded from the hustle-bustle of business and instead, you will be able to find hotels that provide you comfort, warmth and most importantly, seclusion from the people around you.

Let’s take a more in-depth look into finding our about different hotels that you may find in Northern Ireland that will suit you and your taste. For some people, secluded hotels are the best ones where a hotel that is busy and has the comings and goings of a busy city is what soothes them. There are different varieties that you may find once you step foot in Ireland. So, let’s take a look.

Grand Central Hotel Belfast

In Belfast, one of the top busy cities in Ireland, this beautiful grand central hotel is the tallest building in Belfast. The hotel itself has a reputation of being the best in Belfast and a hotel that caters to tourists with luxury. The hotel provides luxury facilities for most of their guests ensures that they are always looked after.

With breakfast on the house and rooms designed to cater to the guests’ needs, all the facilities are made to comfort the occupier. The modernistic setting of the room provides a certain level of class. All the rooms have ample space so that the occupier does not feel claustrophobic and instead feels at peace and happy when staying there.

Tara Lodge

Tara Lodge is one of those hotels that is located within the city of Belfast. It is not too posh or luxurious or high-end, but more so cosy and homely. Started in 1998, this family-owned hotel has now become the main attraction when someone arrives in Belfast. The warm B&B is something that genuinely provides is occupiers with love and affection. The guests are always taken care of, and they are provided with a sense of homeliness even when they are away from home.

Due to its prime location within the city, the guests who tend to stay here are adventurous. They are close to every bar and restaurant that matters. By being close to all these things, the guests can fully take advantage and soak in the experience of living in Northern Ireland and having a taste of the hospitality offered there. When in Belfast, always make it a point to visit this fantastic hotel. It will make you feel like you are being taken care of by a loved one.

The Fitzwilliam Hotel

If you are looking for luxury that meets couture, this is the right hotel for you in Northern Ireland. The Fitzwilliam Hotel in Belfast is the epitome of luxury and high-end services. Situated next to the grand opera house, this beautiful hotel has been home to many celebrities and famous people, along with those who have been influential.

The material within the hotels is something to marvel at. The crisp bed linens made from Egyptian silk to bathrooms that have been elegantly designed and fitted with trinkets catering to modern techniques. Everything in this hotel room and the hotel is up to par with luxury.

The hotel has its stylish bar where wine and other expensive drinks, are served with an air of sophistication and class. With over seven hundred different kinds of drinks offered, the bar is open to all customers.

The Salthouse Hotel

If you are looking for a hotel that is a bit towards the countryside, then The Salthouse Hotel is the perfect place for you to stay. Located in Ballycastle, this perfect hotel is situated on a piece of land that is extensive and big. It caters to different facilities that The Salthouse Hotel offers its guests: free parking, Wi-Fi, garden and a bar. The free parking is also private parking as in only the guests can park in the parking area and no one else. Here the cars will be looked after and washed.

Wi-Fi is free at all times, and the beautiful garden situated around and within the hotel is open to all the guests. If you stay at The Salthouse Hotel, you can quickly go inside the garden and have a little stroll. You can enjoy the beautiful flowers and all nature.

The bar is also something that is provided to the guests only. The bar is open at all times, and any drink the guest wants can be made right there and then. The 24-hour room service is something that attracts a lot of guests to seek shelter here for a few days.

These Five hotels are amongst the top hotels that you will be able to find in Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is known for its hospitality and crude weather. The hotels mentioned here help ensure that the trip you are taking to Northern Ireland is filled with luxury and comfort. There is a little bit of everything for everyone here.

If you are looking for cosy, warm and instant access to the city kind of hotel, those are available to you at reasonable, affordable prices. If you are looking for hotels that are the definition of elegance, class and luxury, those are also available to you. They will provide all the facilities you need depending on what you need.

For more information on each of these four hotels, you can do your research online and look them up. Make up your mind and decide which one suits your taste and style and then go ahead and make that reservation. When you are in Ireland, especially Northern Ireland, you can’t go wrong with hospitality, and that is what you will find in every single hotel.

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