Hotels In Ireland With Castles

Hotels In Ireland With Castles

Hotels In Ireland Castles

Hello welcome to our blog post about hotels in Ireland that are Castles. Below we have made a list of the best hotels in Ireland which were once mighty Castles.

When you’re out in Ireland, you would want to experience the area as much as possible. How wonderful would it be if you could stay in a few hotels in Ireland castles? Luckily for you, this is entirely possible. Castles have long been used as a tourist spot. While before you could only visit them at certain times, you can now make full use of them for your visits. There are countless hotels in Ireland castles for you to make use of. You will find each of these to be historically reputable while also offering you extreme comfort. Let’s look at eight different hotels present in Ireland castles for you. 

Adare Manor

The first one we have is Adare Manor. Earlier on, the location was known as a Georgian House. However, as time went on, it was transformed into a manor. It holds about 840 acres across the County Limerick, and you will be astounded by the beauty it has to offer you. More than the Adare Manor’s beauty, you get to indulge in a series of activities that the place has to offer you. From fold to archery and fishing, there is much that you can enjoy over here. 

Castlemartyr Resort

Next, we have the Castlemartyr Resort that found founded in the 17th century. A building this old would not be the ideal place for a hotel, isn’t it? But when you look at the transformation it has gone under, you won’t believe it to be so old. There is so much that it has to offer you regarding the ambiance, the accommodations, and everything else. You will fall in love with whichever type of room you choose here. Enjoy the spa and relax next to the pool during your stay, and you’re surely going to remember it. 

Ashford Castle

Next, we have Ashford Castle. This one spans for about 350 acres, giving you excessive space to enjoy outdoor leisurely activities. More than the activities that you can do here, you will find the scenic beauty of the place to capture you. With a lake running right next to it, you are sure to fall in love with this location and enjoy your stay here. There is no denying that the many activities it offers, such as fishing or falconry, make the entire experience much better than overall. 

Ballyseede Castle

Next, we have the Ballyseede Castle. If you’re a big fan of outdoor areas and want to spend your time in gardens, enjoying the views, then there is nothing better than this castle turned hotel. To keep things original, you will find that the entire castle’s decorations have a touch of Old World elegance. This is something that you will not find in other places. The hotel in Ireland castle proves to be quite distinct when it comes to the cuisine it has to offer, along with the wine. It is all a perfect mix for you. So, it is best to go here any time you visit Ireland. Situated on the Ring of Kerry, the castle proves to be ideal for anyone to stay in at and enjoy. 

Lough Esk Castle

Next, we have the Lough Esk Castle. The castle is situated in County Donegal, and it offers visitors a unique touch with its modern designs. While you will find the designs to be quite exceptional, the castle entails old finishing that enhances the overall look of the castle turned hotel. If you’re looking for a place where you can enjoy luxurious rooms and exquisite bathrooms, then this is it. The hotel sits on a lake, which makes the entire experience much better. 

Clontarf Castle

Next, we have Clontarf Castle. This one is known to be one of a kind with its modern designs and exclusive buildings. The Clontarf Castle is located close to Dublin, so you will find it to offer you a more modern touch than most castle hotels. You get to experience the mountains of Dublin from your windows in your rooms with ease. More than that, you should know there is much more for you to do here. From taking a look at some of the unique art showcased in the common areas to enjoy the breathtaking views, there is much more that this place has to offer you. 

Cabra Castle

Next, we have the Cabra Castle. It spans over 100 acres and is situated in the County Cavan. You will find this location to be most popularly used for weddings throughout. This has to do with the fact that it has one of the most beautiful ambiances to offer. Each room in this castle has so much to offer you, so you will surely want to make sure that you hold some major event at this location. You will find the one most remarkable thing here to be the Courtroom restaurant. It has one of the best menus out there, and you’re sure to indulge in what you’re offered here. 

Dromoland Castle 

Lastly, we have Dromoland Castle. If you want to know how a king lived his life, then you should stay here. It is known to have been the home of Irish kings at some point. So, you will get to see a great range of grandiosity here. From the staircases to the chandeliers, you should expect it to look highly majestic, out of a movie. More than the ambiance, you will be thrilled by the activities offered to you. From an exclusive spa to archery for kids, there is so much more to avail from here. 

You will find that there are plenty of options available to you when it comes to hotels in Ireland castles. If you wish to indulge in the right way while staying in Ireland, then there is nothing better you can do other than this. Choose a hotel that best fits your needs and which you would want to explore. They’re all equally befitting and will surely keep you entertained throughout your stay in Ireland. So, hurry up and make a bucket list for your visit.

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