Hotels In Ireland On The Beach

Hotels In Ireland On The Beach

Hotels in Ireland on the Beach

If you decide to go to Ireland for vacations, getting a hotel on the beach is the way to go. Ireland, itself is a land of mystics and beauty. A land that is known for its different shades of green, it is also a country that is surrounded by water. The ocean and the sea have their beauty that is second to no one. With the soft sounds of the waves crashing on the shore, it is genuinely a peaceful feeling.

Once you have decided to go to Ireland for a relaxing getaway, you will need to get hotels that are near or next to the beach. Getting a hotel near the beach is the perfect getaway because you get to see the beautiful sunset and sunrise just beyond the sea.

Here are a few of the hotels accepted and loved by most tourists when they come to Ireland.

Galway Bay Sea View Apartments

Situated in the heart of Ireland, Galway, this apartment styles hotel resort is perfect for a near beach hotel experience. The residence provided to you looks like apartments with their balconies and their terraces facing the beautiful sea and the large Clare Mountains.

The scenic view is breath-taking along with the apartments that are made beautifully to cater to all guests. With free Wi-Fi and parking, this is a great resort to go to with your loved one. A secluded getaway where privacy is the top priority. In times of covid, this is a great place due to distance from other apartments and no face-to-face check-in. A perfect solution for a global problem.

Slieve Donard Resort & Spa

Located in Newcastle, this is the perfect hotel to go to if you are looking for a place to provide spa facilities. The hotel is fitted with unique and excellent features that every guest likes and wants to use, such as a pool and a golf course covering the large ground. Newcastle is a place of immense beauty and culture. The weather, along with the architecture is beautiful, and so is the outlook of this hotel.

Every room at this gorgeous hotel opens up to the majestic Irish sea and mountains. Overlooking the beautiful landscape gives the tourists a feeling of being out of this world and being at complete peace. Though most families come and stay at this beautiful hotel, it is a favourite of the couples who want to feel free and reconnect with their partners.

Connemara Coast Hotel

The Connemara Coast Hotel is yet another beautiful coastal hotel in Galway. This beautiful hotel is everything you would want in a hotel around five minutes from the city centre. It is modern with a classic touch in terms of architecture. It offers multiple facilities to the guests that cater to their needs and makes sure that all the facilities are provided with diligence and care.

Here, at Connemara cats Hotel, it is well known that the staff is courteous to not only the guests but everyone they encounter. They believe in making sure that every experience that you have at the hotel is pleasant and beautiful. The hotel itself is built facing the beautiful and majestic sea, so every morning and night is filled with the beautiful sound of the waves crashing on the Irish shore.

Wilde Ballybunion

The beautiful hotel is located on the side of the cliff of Ballybunion. The view is one of mythical stories and tales. The entire hotel is build facing the beautiful cliffs that overlook the vast calm sea. There is a place where you can see the beautiful cliff-side and view the ocean in its entirety. The entire experience is life-changing according to a lot of tourists.

The hotel itself is built to accommodate people at all times. The modern architecture on the inside is made to make sure that people here feel at home and comfortable. They are offered free wi-Fi and many other facilities that may be considered a luxury in some places.

Ocean Sands Hotel

Looking at this hotel, you may think this is a beach hotel straight out of a movie or Hollywood. It is neither of those things because this beautiful hotel is situated in mainland Ireland and caters to the beautiful golden beach that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. The hotel is located on the beach where you can immediately step out and be on the beach.

The staff and the people of this place are welcoming and ensure that they are provided with all the requirements. The guests can choose to have breakfast, lunch or dinner outside the terrace that overlooks the serene ocean. With beautiful winds flowing through the air, it is a feeling of being in heaven.

The Ocean Sands Hotel is one of those hotels that also cater to business meetings throughout the year. The beautiful location and the hotel’s modernistic outlook are the best combinations for many companies and businesses to have their meetings. They have specific rooms that cater to these needs and help make deals when possible.

With these five hotels mentioned, it is easy to see why Ireland is the perfect location for you to have a weekend away. If you are looking for the perfect getaway with your partner and are currently in Ireland, then do a follow-up with these hotels.

To get to know more about these particular hotels, visit their websites where you will get to know more about their accommodation styles and the rates at which they may be available to you. The rates may change according to when you decide to go, but the view will always be worth the trip.

So, do your research and make sure that you know everything needed for your stay there. When you get the chance to say at a beautiful resort next to the majesty that is the ocean, choose one of the above hotels. These hotels will most definitely provide you with the best experience that you will have in Ireland.

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