Hotels In Ireland For Families

Hotels In Ireland For Families

Top 4 Hotels In Ireland For Families

Vacationing in Ireland with your significant other or your friends will always be a different ordeal than vacationing with your family. So, what is the most important factor to consider when planning a trip to Ireland with your family? Well, it’s the hotel, of course. This is because your hotel is what dictates the rest of your trip and how well it will go for all of the family members. Is it family-friendly? Does it have fun activities for the kids? Will it have good spots to hang out and relax for the adults? What other amenities will it have for the entire family to enjoy? Where is it located and is it close to places that you want to visit with the family? These are all important factors that you must take into account when booking a hotel for your trip to Ireland with your family.

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Well planning a trip is difficult as it is, we don’t want you to take up such a time-consuming task of finding out a list of the hotels in Ireland and then filtering out the ones who aren’t ideal for the family. To make your life easier and your trip much more enjoyable, we have formed a list of the top 4 hotels in Ireland for families. The best part is that we understand each and every one of your requirements that cater specifically to families. So, without further ado, here is a list of the top 4 hotels in Ireland for families.

Renvyle House Hotel – Connemara

The Renvyle House Hotel in Connemara is the perfect fit for all types of families, which means that it is perfect for families regardless of how old their kids are, as it has a wide variety of amenities to offer. From different dining areas to pubs, and other types of facilities, they’ve got it all. A list of their amenities and facilities includes Cycling, Croquet, Equestrian (nearby), Fishing (Sea Angling and Fly Fishing, nearby), Scuba Diving (nearby), Snooker and Pool Tables, an outdoor swimming pool, Tennis, Wine Courses, and several more. So, you will always be able to find a new activity to indulge every single day in that will be fun for you and the kids. As for the hotel itself, it features a rugged aesthetic similar to the western regions of Ireland with great vast views and a contrasting indoor area that is incredibly cosy. The floors are strewn with rugs and the hotel features several open fires.

Clonakilty Park Hotel – Clonakilty Co Cork

The Clonakilty Park Hotel is an incredibly family-friendly hotel, which has several interesting features that you would love for your kids to experience, such as an old-style train that is used to pick you up and bring you to the hotel. The best part is that during this journey, the train also explores different areas throughout Inchydoney and Clonakilty. Apart from that, the hotel has several other facilities, which include a Jungle Gym area, a teen zone complete with PlayStation, Xboxes, air hockey, and more, an area for toddlers, and more. For the adults, this hotel has the perfect leisure center, which includes amenities, such as a cinema, a fitness room, jacuzzi, steam room, pool, and saunas. You will also have access to other activities, such as hunting, fishing, golfing, surfing, quad biking, and even hill walking. The hotel also has a fine dining restaurant, a coffee dock, and a bar.

Kelly’s Resort Hotel & Spa – Rosslare Strand

Kelly’s Resort Hotel & Spa is the perfect hotel to visit to get away from the daily hectic routine of everyday life with kids. The best part is that this resort hotel overlooks the beach and has a relaxing rustic interior that is incredibly lavish. However, the good things about this resort hotel don’t just end there. It also has a wide variety of amenities and activities that you and your kids can enjoy. Their list of activities includes hiking on woodland trails nearby, fishing of all kinds, garden visits, golfing, hunting, surfing, scuba diving, tennis, and several others. The fun doesn’t end there as they also have amenities, such as cycling, fitness rooms, Jacuzzis, pool and snooker tables, saunas, yoga, swimming pools, steam rooms, and more. The resort also has a hairstyling salon, dining areas, and bars. The best part for all of you parents out there with considerably young children is that this resort hotel provides cots, that too, without any additional charges and babysitting services. It also features a playroom for children, which is always supervised along with a playground.

Derrynane Hotel – Caherdaniel

Thriving since the 1960s, this hotel is rich in its history and features accommodation that is incredibly comfortable and family-friendly. How so? Well, it features rooms that have been specifically to house families, which come with free of charge cots, baby sitters, and even playrooms. The Derrynane Hotel also houses a restaurant with a beautiful location, which also features a menu designed for children. Despite its usage of high-quality ingredients, the prices are incredibly reasonable. Now here’s the best part, the hotel features several incredible amenities, such as an outdoor swimming pool that is heated, pool tables, tennis, access to serene beaches, with local fishermen who are excellent at fishing. It is also incredibly close to the beautiful and lavish house of Daniel O’Connell’s and Ballinskelligs chocolate factory for all the kids out there. Parents can also choose to golf at the incredible Waterville Golf Course.

There is no doubt that every single hotel mentioned within this list is the ideal hotel for all types of families to visit to have the time of their life while on their vacation in Ireland. The best part is that each of these hotels was chosen from the perspective of both the parents as well as the children. After all, the best type of vacation is one that can be enjoyed by all parties. Each of the hotels mentioned is incredibly safe and allow parents the true chance to relax.

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