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Cheap flights to Toronto

AIRPORT NAME: Toronto Pearson International Airport

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Top 100 Deals in Toronto

You can fly to Toronto not only from such large cities as Dubai, Istanbul, London, Tokio, Hong Kong, New York but also smaller ones, see TOP 100 popular routes to Toronto.

Cheap Flights to

OriginDeparture atReturn atFind tickets
Halifax01.05.202104.05.2021Tickets from 87
Edmonton23.04.202129.04.2021Tickets from 118
Calgary01.07.202105.07.2021Tickets from 123
Vancouver04.06.202106.06.2021Tickets from 155
New York07.05.202109.05.2021Tickets from 175
Winnipeg04.05.202106.05.2021Tickets from 201
Cancun24.06.202129.06.2021Tickets from 222
Richmond18.07.202122.07.2021Tickets from 256
Daytona Beach10.06.202113.06.2021Tickets from 257
Fort Lauderdale14.04.202117.04.2021Tickets from 258
Dallas14.04.202118.04.2021Tickets from 259
Detroit10.04.202113.04.2021Tickets from 261
Kelowna01.04.202104.04.2021Tickets from 264
Abbotsford23.04.202126.04.2021Tickets from 267
Houston06.04.202109.04.2021Tickets from 275
Saint Louis22.04.202125.04.2021Tickets from 276
Atlanta26.03.202128.03.2021Tickets from 276
Austin02.04.202104.04.2021Tickets from 278
Colorado Springs06.08.202109.08.2021Tickets from 284
Chicago24.09.202129.09.2021Tickets from 289
Washington19.06.202123.06.2021Tickets from 291
Las Vegas18.06.202121.06.2021Tickets from 294
Louisville22.03.202123.03.2021Tickets from 295
Columbus02.04.202104.04.2021Tickets from 297
San Diego01.04.202104.04.2021Tickets from 300
San Antonio09.03.202111.03.2021Tickets from 300
Montreal16.04.202118.04.2021Tickets from 302
Little Rock27.05.202130.05.2021Tickets from 302
Los Angeles29.07.202101.08.2021Tickets from 311
Windsor13.03.202117.03.2021Tickets from 325
Regina01.05.202107.05.2021Tickets from 331
Memphis22.07.202128.07.2021Tickets from 337
Santa Ana25.03.202131.03.2021Tickets from 339
Orlando08.03.202112.03.2021Tickets from 340
Baltimore16.04.202120.04.2021Tickets from 343
Zurich27.08.202102.09.2021Tickets from 345
Minneapolis19.03.202122.03.2021Tickets from 355
San Francisco27.03.202131.03.2021Tickets from 361
Miami10.03.202113.03.2021Tickets from 362
Rochester13.05.202117.05.2021Tickets from 368
Saskatoon24.03.202126.03.2021Tickets from 379
Fresno27.03.202131.03.2021Tickets from 389
London21.09.202127.09.2021Tickets from 393
Seattle14.06.202118.06.2021Tickets from 399
Thunder Bay22.03.202123.03.2021Tickets from 403
Dublin01.09.202107.09.2021Tickets from 407
Reykjavik30.04.202106.05.2021Tickets from 415
Salisbury-Ocean City15.03.202119.03.2021Tickets from 416
Moscow13.06.202119.06.2021Tickets from 435
Lisbon11.04.202114.04.2021Tickets from 447
Grande Prairie01.07.202105.07.2021Tickets from 448
Kyiv01.10.202103.10.2021Tickets from 452
Istanbul15.04.202119.04.2021Tickets from 462
Fort McMurray25.04.202130.04.2021Tickets from 463
Mexico City03.09.202106.09.2021Tickets from 470
Buffalo02.04.202104.04.2021Tickets from 488
Odessa10.05.202116.05.2021Tickets from 489
Frankfurt21.06.202127.06.2021Tickets from 503
Gdansk03.06.202106.06.2021Tickets from 515
Lviv14.04.202119.04.2021Tickets from 521
Sao Paulo27.05.202128.05.2021Tickets from 524
Saint Petersburg09.03.202112.03.2021Tickets from 538
Porto08.03.202113.03.2021Tickets from 539
Zaporozhye05.07.202111.07.2021Tickets from 541
Madrid01.04.202106.04.2021Tickets from 558
Berlin09.04.202113.04.2021Tickets from 572
Dusseldorf25.03.202131.03.2021Tickets from 580
Amsterdam20.03.202121.03.2021Tickets from 595
Warsaw30.03.202102.04.2021Tickets from 599
Milan02.04.202106.04.2021Tickets from 620
Nuremberg03.04.202106.04.2021Tickets from 621
St. John's25.03.202129.03.2021Tickets from 634
Ottawa07.03.202108.03.2021Tickets from 642
Brussels29.03.202103.04.2021Tickets from 644
Ostersund05.07.202111.07.2021Tickets from 645
Kharkov29.03.202101.04.2021Tickets from 645
Samara27.05.202131.05.2021Tickets from 656
Yekaterinburg30.03.202102.04.2021Tickets from 663
Krasnodar01.05.202107.05.2021Tickets from 673
Paris16.03.202119.03.2021Tickets from 683
Tel Aviv-Yafo12.03.202114.03.2021Tickets from 708
Isle Of Man14.09.202116.09.2021Tickets from 709
Murmansk01.02.202206.02.2022Tickets from 716
Ufa24.05.202127.05.2021Tickets from 721
Novosibirsk30.03.202102.04.2021Tickets from 728
Helsinki23.06.202127.06.2021Tickets from 749
Kaliningrad18.03.202124.03.2021Tickets from 758
Glasgow01.04.202102.04.2021Tickets from 759
Minsk30.03.202102.04.2021Tickets from 771
Rostov31.05.202106.06.2021Tickets from 774
Dnepropetrovsk05.04.202107.04.2021Tickets from 793
Kazan19.03.202122.03.2021Tickets from 813
Buenos Aires28.05.202130.05.2021Tickets from 824
Riga10.07.202115.07.2021Tickets from 846
Hong Kong20.08.202125.08.2021Tickets from 848
Vladikavkaz25.03.202131.03.2021Tickets from 851
Almaty01.06.202105.06.2021Tickets from 861
Volgograd30.03.202103.04.2021Tickets from 864
Curitiba06.07.202107.07.2021Tickets from 873
Bengaluru23.04.202124.04.2021Tickets from 902

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Flights from Toronto

See also TOP-100 direct flights from Toronto Pearson International Airport. You will find even more flights in our search. Flights from YYZ start at $22, with prices even lower during sales.

Cheap Flights from

DestinationDeparture atReturn atFind tickets
Edmonton03.06.202106.06.2021Tickets from 92
Calgary04.05.202107.05.2021Tickets from 119
Kelowna28.06.202104.07.2021Tickets from 143
Abbotsford06.07.202109.07.2021Tickets from 146
Montreal07.05.202109.05.2021Tickets from 149
Vancouver21.05.202123.05.2021Tickets from 150
Halifax01.05.202102.05.2021Tickets from 175
New York01.08.202107.08.2021Tickets from 176
Cancun10.05.202116.05.2021Tickets from 206
Puerto Vallarta17.03.202122.03.2021Tickets from 217
Miami11.05.202117.05.2021Tickets from 234
Guatemala City16.03.202122.03.2021Tickets from 238
Prince George31.05.202101.06.2021Tickets from 250
Houston26.03.202127.03.2021Tickets from 253
Saskatoon11.08.202114.08.2021Tickets from 255
Hartford08.06.202109.06.2021Tickets from 259
San Antonio11.03.202114.03.2021Tickets from 259
Orlando30.03.202102.04.2021Tickets from 264
Phoenix14.04.202115.04.2021Tickets from 274
Las Vegas12.04.202115.04.2021Tickets from 276
Los Angeles16.06.202120.06.2021Tickets from 277
Boston27.04.202128.04.2021Tickets from 285
Rio De Janeiro22.03.202127.03.2021Tickets from 292
Saint Louis02.10.202104.10.2021Tickets from 302
Washington08.04.202112.04.2021Tickets from 304
Anchorage13.05.202116.05.2021Tickets from 328
Ottawa14.03.202115.03.2021Tickets from 334
Santa Ana13.03.202116.03.2021Tickets from 334
Havana25.08.202131.08.2021Tickets from 336
Sao Paulo22.03.202127.03.2021Tickets from 338
Fort Lauderdale27.03.202128.03.2021Tickets from 341
Montego Bay11.03.202112.03.2021Tickets from 348
Buffalo05.04.202110.04.2021Tickets from 350
Tampa13.03.202114.03.2021Tickets from 351
London12.07.202115.07.2021Tickets from 352
Winnipeg05.04.202107.04.2021Tickets from 361
Reykjavik02.08.202108.08.2021Tickets from 369
Charlotte13.03.202118.03.2021Tickets from 370
Regina25.03.202131.03.2021Tickets from 371
Lisbon01.10.202105.10.2021Tickets from 377
Dublin08.09.202113.09.2021Tickets from 397
Chihuahua17.03.202122.03.2021Tickets from 403
Guadalajara10.05.202111.05.2021Tickets from 410
Baltimore08.04.202112.04.2021Tickets from 415
Barcelona31.08.202106.09.2021Tickets from 425
Cartagena31.03.202106.04.2021Tickets from 458
St. John's09.10.202112.10.2021Tickets from 476
Brasilia25.08.202131.08.2021Tickets from 507
Moscow24.05.202130.05.2021Tickets from 525
Ontario30.08.202102.09.2021Tickets from 538
Amsterdam26.04.202102.05.2021Tickets from 541
Honolulu12.03.202116.03.2021Tickets from 568
Athens24.01.202228.01.2022Tickets from 570
Kyiv04.05.202107.05.2021Tickets from 572
Paris28.03.202131.03.2021Tickets from 573
Charlottetown19.03.202123.03.2021Tickets from 579
Istanbul19.11.202123.11.2021Tickets from 587
Quebec09.03.202114.03.2021Tickets from 606
Georgetown09.04.202113.04.2021Tickets from 618
Venice03.01.202209.01.2022Tickets from 631
Odessa20.05.202121.05.2021Tickets from 636
Budapest25.08.202131.08.2021Tickets from 643
Victoria17.03.202122.03.2021Tickets from 644
Delhi22.03.202128.03.2021Tickets from 677
Dubai11.05.202117.05.2021Tickets from 695
Tel Aviv-Yafo06.04.202111.04.2021Tickets from 700
Tbilisi07.06.202113.06.2021Tickets from 785
Saint Vincent20.07.202121.07.2021Tickets from 835
Rome07.03.202112.03.2021Tickets from 849
Erbil11.05.202117.05.2021Tickets from 856
Hamburg22.03.202128.03.2021Tickets from 865
Hong Kong06.04.202109.04.2021Tickets from 874
Caracas26.04.202102.05.2021Tickets from 936
Tokyo28.06.202104.07.2021Tickets from 949
Saint Petersburg13.03.202116.03.2021Tickets from 1 086
Krasnodar26.03.202129.03.2021Tickets from 1 095
Mumbai28.01.202229.01.2022Tickets from 1 096
Tallinn13.03.202118.03.2021Tickets from 1 115
Colombo28.05.202131.05.2021Tickets from 1 117
Male18.05.202122.05.2021Tickets from 1 186
Manila25.03.202126.03.2021Tickets from 1 271
Tirana20.08.202121.08.2021Tickets from 1 276
Amritsar31.03.202101.04.2021Tickets from 1 685
Sydney14.03.202117.03.2021Tickets from 2 516
Almaty10.03.202112.03.2021Tickets from 2 850
Lahore24.08.202125.08.2021Tickets from 4 612

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