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Cheap flights to Manchester

AIRPORT NAME: Manchester Airport

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Top 100 Deals in Manchester

You can fly to Manchester not only from such large cities as Dubai, Istanbul, London, Tokio, Hong Kong, New York but also smaller ones, see TOP 100 popular routes to Manchester.

Cheap Flights to Manchester

OriginDeparture atReturn atFind tickets
Copenhagen30.07.202102.08.2021Tickets from 61
Cologne12.07.202116.07.2021Tickets from 69
Krakow26.03.202128.03.2021Tickets from 84
Barcelona23.04.202125.04.2021Tickets from 98
Cagliari19.06.202122.06.2021Tickets from 98
Belfast28.06.202129.06.2021Tickets from 102
Warsaw13.08.202116.08.2021Tickets from 110
Exeter25.08.202127.08.2021Tickets from 116
Paris26.03.202128.03.2021Tickets from 124
Lviv18.06.202121.06.2021Tickets from 130
Saint Petersburg05.05.202109.05.2021Tickets from 134
Vienna16.04.202118.04.2021Tickets from 136
Lisbon28.04.202102.05.2021Tickets from 138
London23.03.202124.03.2021Tickets from 140
Frankfurt28.03.202103.04.2021Tickets from 147
Rzeszow13.08.202116.08.2021Tickets from 156
Oslo09.04.202111.04.2021Tickets from 159
Moscow28.03.202103.04.2021Tickets from 168
Dublin07.03.202108.03.2021Tickets from 180
Dusseldorf28.03.202103.04.2021Tickets from 193
Stockholm11.03.202116.03.2021Tickets from 196
Zagreb16.04.202121.04.2021Tickets from 203
Minsk20.06.202123.06.2021Tickets from 219
Aberdeen29.10.202131.10.2021Tickets from 227
Tel Aviv-Yafo04.04.202108.04.2021Tickets from 244
Mineralnye Vody22.06.202123.06.2021Tickets from 272
Alicante09.03.202112.03.2021Tickets from 283
Makhachkala02.06.202107.06.2021Tickets from 345
Simferopol01.06.202105.06.2021Tickets from 353
Krasnodar01.04.202103.04.2021Tickets from 353
Novosibirsk25.05.202131.05.2021Tickets from 356
Orenburg29.04.202105.05.2021Tickets from 374
Rostov01.06.202104.06.2021Tickets from 384
Kazan01.07.202104.07.2021Tickets from 409
Skopje11.03.202115.03.2021Tickets from 447
Perm04.04.202110.04.2021Tickets from 457
Krasnojarsk01.06.202105.06.2021Tickets from 459
Tyumen28.07.202101.08.2021Tickets from 505
New York13.03.202118.03.2021Tickets from 514
Nur-Sultan (Astana)15.10.202118.10.2021Tickets from 524
Miami07.05.202111.05.2021Tickets from 547
Kyiv12.03.202113.03.2021Tickets from 570
Boston11.04.202117.04.2021Tickets from 616
Baku06.04.202108.04.2021Tickets from 653
Antalya10.03.202112.03.2021Tickets from 654
Baltimore01.04.202105.04.2021Tickets from 655
Gothenburg09.03.202110.03.2021Tickets from 710
Rotterdam14.04.202115.04.2021Tickets from 719
Odessa09.03.202110.03.2021Tickets from 724
Nairobi11.03.202116.03.2021Tickets from 746
Islamabad22.03.202123.03.2021Tickets from 774
Almaty07.06.202113.06.2021Tickets from 776
Pittsburgh13.06.202114.06.2021Tickets from 792
Dallas03.08.202107.08.2021Tickets from 819
Denver06.06.202112.06.2021Tickets from 901
Austin03.08.202108.08.2021Tickets from 951
Yakutsk27.03.202129.03.2021Tickets from 1 152
Colombo18.04.202119.04.2021Tickets from 1 185
Stavropol08.03.202110.03.2021Tickets from 1 210
Shenyang01.07.202105.07.2021Tickets from 1 615

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Special offers to Manchester

Different airlines can arrange sales and make special offers for flights to Manchester (IATA code: MAN), we monitor such offers and show them to you.

We work with Ryanair, EasyJet, Vueling, Air Europa, Airfrance, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, British Airlines, CityJet, Eurowings, IcelandAir, Joon, TAP Portugal, AirBaltic, Bulgaria Air, Cobalt, Croatia Airlines, Smart Wings, Wizz Air, Air Asia, Aer Lingus, WestJet, Indigo, Iberia, jetBlue Airways, Cathay Pacific, Etihad Airways, Turkish Airlines, EVA Air, Qantas Airways, Avianca, Jetstar, Singapore Airlines and others.

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Flights from Manchester

See also TOP-100 direct flights from Manchester Airport. You will find even more flights in our search. Flights from MAN start at $24, with prices even lower during sales.

Cheap Flights from Manchester

DestinationDeparture atReturn atFind tickets
Brussels01.06.202104.06.2021Tickets from 39
Eindhoven17.09.202119.09.2021Tickets from 49
Dublin30.05.202105.06.2021Tickets from 51
Girona01.05.202105.05.2021Tickets from 58
Venice16.09.202118.09.2021Tickets from 58
Cologne23.07.202126.07.2021Tickets from 60
Milan14.06.202118.06.2021Tickets from 64
Ibiza16.05.202120.05.2021Tickets from 73
Amsterdam22.06.202126.06.2021Tickets from 74
Dusseldorf29.07.202101.08.2021Tickets from 75
Berlin21.06.202127.06.2021Tickets from 75
London28.03.202129.03.2021Tickets from 76
Jersey15.07.202116.07.2021Tickets from 76
Prague19.08.202122.08.2021Tickets from 78
Malaga06.12.202110.12.2021Tickets from 78
Valencia01.09.202103.09.2021Tickets from 80
Barcelona01.05.202105.05.2021Tickets from 83
Kyiv27.06.202101.07.2021Tickets from 85
Palma Mallorca11.06.202115.06.2021Tickets from 86
Paris10.09.202113.09.2021Tickets from 88
Madrid24.06.202128.06.2021Tickets from 89
Bologna14.06.202118.06.2021Tickets from 91
Krakow18.06.202121.06.2021Tickets from 102
Menorca03.05.202107.05.2021Tickets from 103
Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse20.05.202124.05.2021Tickets from 104
Lisbon05.07.202111.07.2021Tickets from 106
Alicante29.03.202104.04.2021Tickets from 108
Reus21.07.202125.07.2021Tickets from 109
Budapest08.12.202111.12.2021Tickets from 110
Munich25.08.202129.08.2021Tickets from 112
Riga30.04.202104.05.2021Tickets from 113
Faro21.10.202125.10.2021Tickets from 113
Sevilla07.10.202111.10.2021Tickets from 115
Vienna15.05.202116.05.2021Tickets from 115
Stockholm03.06.202107.06.2021Tickets from 118
Belfast26.03.202129.03.2021Tickets from 121
Kerkyra15.10.202119.10.2021Tickets from 136
Nice12.05.202117.05.2021Tickets from 144
Rome02.09.202105.09.2021Tickets from 144
Las Palmas26.06.202130.06.2021Tickets from 150
Marrakech27.05.202131.05.2021Tickets from 154
Zadar08.07.202113.07.2021Tickets from 157
Cork27.08.202130.08.2021Tickets from 161
Split08.07.202113.07.2021Tickets from 163
Athens13.08.202118.08.2021Tickets from 163
Tallinn03.12.202106.12.2021Tickets from 166
Florence15.07.202119.07.2021Tickets from 167
Helsinki28.07.202102.08.2021Tickets from 168
Lanzarote02.07.202106.07.2021Tickets from 170
Gothenburg29.05.202103.06.2021Tickets from 177
Istanbul23.06.202129.06.2021Tickets from 179
Stavanger21.06.202127.06.2021Tickets from 180
Poznan24.09.202128.09.2021Tickets from 185
Genoa14.06.202118.06.2021Tickets from 185
Pula05.08.202110.08.2021Tickets from 186
Newquay20.05.202125.05.2021Tickets from 190
Southampton28.03.202102.04.2021Tickets from 200
Aberdeen13.05.202116.05.2021Tickets from 201
Edinburgh04.05.202106.05.2021Tickets from 202
Exeter17.05.202122.05.2021Tickets from 207
Antalya01.09.202107.09.2021Tickets from 211
Kefallinia06.10.202110.10.2021Tickets from 224
Rhodes26.08.202131.08.2021Tickets from 230
Tivat20.07.202126.07.2021Tickets from 230
Dalaman21.06.202127.06.2021Tickets from 232
Kristiansund24.06.202127.06.2021Tickets from 236
Tenerife04.08.202108.08.2021Tickets from 241
Rotterdam25.06.202128.06.2021Tickets from 246
Salzburg26.12.202101.01.2022Tickets from 246
Izmir23.05.202129.05.2021Tickets from 247
Reykjavik25.10.202128.10.2021Tickets from 248
Zakinthos17.07.202123.07.2021Tickets from 257
Frankfurt12.03.202113.03.2021Tickets from 290
Saint Petersburg01.04.202104.04.2021Tickets from 295
Bilbao08.03.202109.03.2021Tickets from 303
Sharjah07.12.202113.12.2021Tickets from 348
Krasnodar11.04.202117.04.2021Tickets from 353
Kos04.10.202109.10.2021Tickets from 389
New York23.09.202127.09.2021Tickets from 452
Accra12.06.202113.06.2021Tickets from 459
Dubai07.12.202113.12.2021Tickets from 462
Erbil08.03.202112.03.2021Tickets from 528
Rio De Janeiro09.04.202111.04.2021Tickets from 529
Tunis15.03.202116.03.2021Tickets from 552
Volgograd05.05.202106.05.2021Tickets from 591
Varna15.03.202119.03.2021Tickets from 596
Batumi30.05.202105.06.2021Tickets from 648
Rovaniemi27.12.202102.01.2022Tickets from 651
Abu Dhabi27.12.202102.01.2022Tickets from 652
Bangkok07.08.202112.08.2021Tickets from 656
Addis Ababa24.05.202130.05.2021Tickets from 667
Halifax17.06.202118.06.2021Tickets from 681
Los Angeles24.06.202130.06.2021Tickets from 700
Islamabad09.03.202114.03.2021Tickets from 725
Sialkot24.06.202128.06.2021Tickets from 746
Oslo09.03.202114.03.2021Tickets from 771
Mauritius20.10.202125.10.2021Tickets from 814
Tampa12.03.202117.03.2021Tickets from 858
Las Vegas01.09.202107.09.2021Tickets from 862
Phuket01.08.202107.08.2021Tickets from 961

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