Best Amusement Parks In Ireland
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Best Amusement Parks In Ireland

Best Amusement Parks in Ireland 

When you decide to go on vacation, one does wonder what the best places  to visit in Ireland are. Ireland in itself is a place of immense history, beauty  and charm. A country known for its lush green lands and unexplored  beauty; it is also a place of immense fun. 

Life is tiresome these days, especially with all that is going on in the world.  To be able to go to an amusement park and let loose is something that  everyone must be able to do. Whether you are 8 or 80, you are allowed to  have fun and enjoy yourself. 

Here are a few things to do in Ireland if you are visiting it for exploration   and fun. Beautiful grounds and amusement parks are a source of extreme  fun and enjoyment for not only the tourists but also the locals. Most of the  tourist destinations in Ireland are centred around the beautiful greenery  that is the staple of this country. 

The following are five of the best amusement parks that you can visit in  Ireland. 

1. Funderland

Funderland is considered to be one of the best theme parks in the  entire country. Situated in Dublin, the capital of Ireland, it is widely  considered to be the best there is. It is quintessentially Irish with unique historical features within the theme park as you walk through  it. 

It is also home to five significant roller-coasters along with two major  Ferris Wheels. Along with these two main attractions, there is also  the yearly event of Christmas Market that opens up within the park.  

This Christmas Market is a source of attraction for not only the  tourists that are visiting Ireland but also the locals. It is a festival for  the entire family, and there is something there for everyone. It is  genuinely the best theme park you can ask for in Ireland.  

2. Funtasia 

Though the weather in Ireland is always rainy and cold, the Funtasia  theme park is somewhere you and your entire family can come and  relax. The atmosphere within the theme park is unlike anything you  may have ever seen.  

Funtasia has two branches in two different places. One is located in  County Louth and one in Bettystown. Both the locations are splendid  for a water theme park. Yes, it is a water theme park in Ireland. It  may seem weird, but the atmosphere of the theme parks creates an  environment where you feel comfortable and happy. 

It has everything; from an indoor theme park which includes  bowling, waterpark and an adults-only casino to outdoor activities  such as zip-lining and crazy golf. All of these are there for your entire  family to enjoy individually and collectively. It is undoubtedly a place  where you must go with your family.


3. Pirate Adventure Park 

If you are looking for a park that is summer based, then this is the  perfect one for you. Located on the grounds of Westport House it is  considered one of the best there is to offer in terms of a summer  theme park. With multitudes of rides, this theme park is a little  different than the rest. It offers on the ground residency where the  families can live near the theme park and visit whenever they want.  

With beautiful landscapes and a lake near the park, it offers you and  your family the best vacation spot. It has a multitude of games  offered such as golf, games against the staff and an original pirate  ship wreckage which draws quite the attention.  

There are games and rides for everyone no matter what the age. You  can take full advantage of the night-time theme park with beautiful  lighting and an atmosphere that is quite spectacular. This unique  experience makes the Pirate Adventure Park one of a kind.  

4. Aqua Dome 

Amongst the list of things to do in Ireland, visiting Aqua Dome should  be in the top five. One primary reason for that is simply that Aqua  Dome is a one-of-a-kind, indoor water-themed park that is made  purely for the purpose for people and families enjoying a water park  indoors.  

It is considered to be one of the largest indoor water parks which  also offers tourists a brief escape from the breezy weather of Ireland.  The temperature inside the dome remains tropical all year round  regardless of when you go.  

As this is a strictly water themed park and offers no other  recreational activities, non-swimmers have the option of learning  how to swim here under professional instructors. You will be taught  under expert supervision so that you can enjoy all the special  facilities offered to you at this exotic resort.  

5. Fort Lucan Outdoor Adventureland 

At Fort Lucan Outdoor Adventureland, you are guaranteed a lot of  fun doing outdoorsy activities. Though this isn’t as big as the ones  mentioned above, this is certainly worthy enough to be in the top 5  best parks in Ireland. 

It is essentially a big fun park for children aged 2-14 where they can  jump around and have fun. Fully supervised with an aide available  all the times, the children can climb structures, jump on things and  run around openly without any hindrance. This park contains three  giant water slides, go-carts, zip lines, and so much more. It is purely  a fun park for children where they can feel free and have fun.  

One of the many reasons why Ireland is a good place for you to vacation is  because it has lovely people, beautiful views of lush greenery all around  and its history. In all that excitement the one other thing that you can add  which will make your trip all the more special is the visit to your favourite  amusement park. 

Amusement parks are not only for the children but a source of stress relief  for the adults too. So, please don’t hold it in, enjoy and have fun alongside  your children. You deserve to let go and be a child for a few hours. Take  that chance and run free.

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