9 Amazing Places To Visit In Ireland
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9 Amazing Places To Visit In Ireland

9 Amazing Places to Visit in Ireland 

When travelling to a foreign country, it is always best to read up on it and  know the best tourist spots. Ireland is a beautiful country to travel to if you  want the focus of your vacation to be nature and greenery. The land of  mythical creatures and fairy stories that make you believe fairy-tales, 

Ireland is truly a place of extreme peace and calm.  

So, in your list of things to do in Ireland, here are a few places that you may visit.  

1. Cliffs of Moher, Clare 

cliffs of moher
Cliffs Of Moher

Situated along the County Clare coast, this beautiful landscape has  managed to capture the world’s attention. The cliff is 70 ft above the  water with the Atlantic Ocean waves crashing at the base; this place  is truly majestic.  

The UNESCO recognises the cliff as a global park due to its high  altitude and location. The moment you are standing on the cliff, you  will feel the beauty of the strong winds and the majesty, which is the  landscape. It is truly breath-taking.  

2.Ring Of Kerry

ring of kerry
Ring Of Kerry

Ireland has many gifts that it has managed to give to the world; one  of them is the beautiful scenic route that you can take by going on  the Ring of Kerry. It is 112 miles long and goes alongside a beautiful  lake. Its peaceful atmosphere and beautiful scenery have managed  to capture the hearts of the tourists. 

Ring of Kerry has managed to become one of the hotspots for tourists  to come and explore. Surrounded by beautiful lush green mountains,  it feels somewhat of a scene from a movie.  

3. Waterford Greenway 

Waterford greenway

Ireland, in the 17th and 18th century, was heavily under the British  rule. Due to this, there was an extensive network of railway roads  that were built to connect the two countries. Trade was managed in  an organised way, through these railways.  

Now, these railways have significantly decreased in number, and thus  most have been repurposed as tourist attraction spots. The Waterford  Greenway is one of them as it passes through the beautiful  countryside and overlooks the calm and serene sea.  

4. Giant’s Causeway, Antrim 

Giants Causeway
Giants Causeway

Northern Ireland is a place that is entirely guaranteed to awe inspire  you. Its beauty is unparalleled, and you feel like you are out of this  world when visiting it. The Giant’s Causeway, Antrim, is an expanse 

of almost 40,000 hexagon boulders that have managed to form over  the years.  

Though the history states that they were built when the giant Irish  legend stepped on it to fight the Scottish rival, in reality, these  columns were built due to 60 million years’ worth of volcano activity.  The contrast of the hexagon pathway, the green mountains and the  beautiful sea view is one of a kind. 

5. Dublin 


Although this isn’t necessarily a small place, Dublin is the heart of  Ireland. Dublin has a beautiful river that runs within the city, dividing  the city into two parts. The stunning city has a deep-rooted historical  presence. 

UNESCO recognises it as the City of Literature, and you can well and  truly see the places where the literary greats of the English language  sat and did their work. Along with that, there are unique places where  you can get authentic Irish food and truly understand the culture that  has been preserved for so many centuries.  

6. Galway 

Galway Bay

Another fantastic city within the bounds of Ireland is called Galway.  This city has an entirely different vibe from Dublin. It is a lot more  art-oriented and has a bohemian vibe with a focus on creativity. This  city is firmly held together by the Gaelic speaking culture along with  the beautiful melody and the traditional art that is specific to the  Gaelic history.  

7. Newgrange, Meath 

Newgrange County Meath

The Newgrange Meath is a marvel of human architecture and  engineering. Built in the early 3,200 BC by the natives, this scattering  of tombs is older than the pyramids of Giza and other stone-age  structures.  

Its fantastic design is unique in the way that the entire tomb only  lights up once a year if the clouds permit it when the sun shines  through the small slit on the roof of the tomb. Due to its rich history, this site is considered by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and thus  protected.  

8. Glendalough, Wicklow 


Ireland manages to create its mark in the world because of its natural  beauty that manages to stay unadulterated and untouched. One such  place is the Glendalough. This valley was formed due to the Ice Age  and thus sits a 100 ft below the mountains. Its beautiful scenery is 

surrounded by massive mountains that not only protect the valley but  also give the sense of being at one with nature.  

9. Birr Castle, Offaly 


Great Briton is known for its monarchy and its royal family. When you  talk about royalty, you also talk about the Queen and Castles. So,  here is an excellent way for you to visit an actual castle. All you need  to do is contact the Parson’s family, who have been living there since  the 1620s. 

It has beautiful and lush green gardens that you can roam around on  and see exquisite species of plants. There is a telescope that is also  present on the premise of the castle which helps you see the sky at  night; all around a great experience.  

With these nine places, you can wrap up your tour of Ireland on the most  part. Though there are so many places that you can visit in Ireland, it would  be tough for you to visit all of them on the first trip. All the more reasons  for you to come back and see more of this gorgeous country.  

When thinking of the best places to visit in Ireland, all you need to make  sure is what is your priority. Ireland is a country of extreme natural beauty  and so, if that is what you are here to see, then the mentioned places here  will help make your dreams come true.

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