7 Amazing Things To Do In Ireland
Things To Do In Ireland

7 Amazing Things To Do In Ireland

7 Amazing Things To Do In Ireland 

Ireland is a country that is rich in culture. The country has many attractions and things to do for tourists such as museums, mountains, castles, and  islands. So, if you are visiting the country then there are a lot of things that  you can do. Want to know the best places to visit in Ireland? Keep reading then.  

1. Day Trips And Excursions  

Are you into day trips and excursions? If yes, then you should pay a visit to  the Cliffs of Moher. If you have visited Dun Aonghasa and find it scary, then  you should skip visiting the Cliffs of Moher as it is even scarier than Dun  Aonghasa. The visitors can take the plunge of 214 meters from the Cliffs of  Moher right into the Atlantic Ocean. 

Apart from the Cliffs of Moher, you can visit the Wicklow Mountains in Kilkenny  as well. These mountains are the largest upland area in Ireland as they cover  the entire County of Wicklow and extend to the County of Dublin as well. This  is why they are also known as the Dublin Mountains. 

2. Air, Helicopter, And Balloon Tours 

If you are into air, helicopter, and balloon tours, then there are a lot of places  in Ireland where you can do this. Clew Bay is one of the most famous  destinations for helicopter ride where you can take a ride of thirty minutes  and fulfill your dream of riding on a helicopter. Clew Bay is an ocean bay in  county Mayo and is also famous for sunken drumlins. 

Additionally, you can also take the helicopter tour at Copper Coast where you  can get a jet-powered helicopter to fly. Aran Islands is also a famous spot for  flying where you can take a trip from Dublin to Galway through a flight. You  can even take a flight to the Aran Island of Inis Mor by taking a train to Galway  city.  

3. Cultural And Theme Tours 

There are a lot of places in Ireland that you can visit to get cultural inspiration  and find out more about the culture of the country. So, if you are into cultural  and theme tours, then you should definitely pay a visit to the Wicklow 

Mountains in Kilkenny and learn about all the Irish folklore and Irish  architecture as well. 

You can even visit the Blarney Castle which is another site in Ireland that  reflects Irish culture, history, and architecture. Not only this, but you can also  get a feel of the beautiful scenery at the Blarney Castle as the place has a  very beautiful view to offer to the visitors. 

So, if you are interested in learning about Irish culture, history, and  architecture, you should visit these places for sure. 

4. Tour And Sightseeing  

If you are into sightseeing and taking tours, then you can visit a lot of places  in Ireland such as the Aran Islands and Cliff of Moher. There are tons of  attractions that you can visit at the Aran Islands and Cliff of Moher. But,  visiting these places include entrance fees, transport fees, and ferry fees as  well.  

In addition to this, you can even take a day trip to the Northern Island where  you can visit Belfast’s Falls and Shankill neighborhoods. You can visit the  Giant’s Causeway and sign the Peace Wall as well. The Carrick-a-Redge is also  another popular attraction that you can visit on the Northern Island. 

If you are interested in horse riding then you can take a day trip to the Wicklow  Mountains in Kilkenny. You can explore the entire National Park of the Wicklow  Mountains while riding on the horse.  

5. Walking And Biking Tours 

If you are interested in walking tours, then you can book a trained guide for  a walking tour in Kilkenny. At most, the tour will take two hours and the guide  will cover the area outside of the medieval mile as well. This area is quite  fantastic and will take your breath away. So, if you ever want to take a walking  tour then you should definitely consider booking a national guide in Kilkenny. 

Apart from this, you can also take a cycling tour at the National Park in  Kilkarney. Taking a cycling tour at the National Park will let you enjoy the  most beautiful and unique landscape of Ireland. You can take the self-guided  tour or book a guide as well. It’s totally up to you.


6. Visit Filming Locations 

A lot of people like to visit the places where their favorite movie or serial was  shot. Are you also one of those people? If yes, then you should definitely visit  The Game Of Thrones filming locations in Ireland. You can take a day tour of  Dublin and visit all the famous spots where your favorite series was recorded.  You can make a stop at the Giant’s Causeway. If you are not familiar with the  city, then you can even book a guide for your day trip. Your guide will take  you to all the famous spots and even entertain you with behind-the-scenes  stories which will make you feel like you are present at the recording yourself.  Amazing, isn’t it? 

7. Stay At Hotels  

Are you bored of your hectic life and want to do something fun and relaxing?  If yes, then you can even stay at hotels in Ireland for the weekend as Ireland  has some of the most amazing and luxurious hotels in the world.  

The Marker Hotel in Dublin is one of the best five-star hotels in Ireland that  you can visit to make your weekend fun. Want to know what makes this 5- star hotel different from the other hotels in the country? It is the checkerboard  façade of the hotel that makes it completely unique and different from the rest  of the 5-star hotels. Apart from this, there is also an infinity pool at the hotel.  If you are a fitness freak then there is even a fitness center and spa available  for you. 

So, if you are visiting Ireland or are already in Ireland, then you can do the  things mentioned above.

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