5 Best Hotels In Ireland
Best Hotels Ireland

5 Best Hotels In Ireland

5 Best Hotels In Ireland  

Ireland is an ancient country with magical landscapes and a rich history. It  is the land of hearty meals, but it is best known for its amazing hospitality.  So, of course, many hotels in Ireland are amazing to stay in.  

However, after a careful vetting process, we bring you the five best hotels  in Ireland. They are unique and offer an experience like no other. So,  without wasting any more time, let’s dive right in.  

#1. Park Hotel Kenmare  

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Pricing: Starts from £278/night  

If you want to experience a marriage of modern and traditional elements,  then this hotel is the perfect place for you. It dates back to the 19th century,  and now the hotel has combined both luxury and tradition to bring you a  unique experience.  

They have a variety of amazing facilities that include: 

• An 18 hole golf course 

• Lap pool 

• Cinema box 

• Spa 

• Beautiful gardens 

• Tennis court 

• Game room 

• Hot tub 

• Gym 

• And many others  

All around the hotel, you will find beautiful antiques, gilded gold frames,  and heavy fabrics. The restaurant of the hotel overlooks the grounds that  lead towards the bay. However, the best part is the food as the menu is  exceptional. So, if you want a luxurious, comfortable, and all-rounded stay,  then Park Hotel will be the ideal choice for you.  

#2. Ashford Castle  

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Pricing: Starts from £297/night 

Ashford Castle is more than eight hundred years old and is remarkable in  every aspect. It will provide you with a once in a lifetime experience that  you will fall in love with. From the interiors to the cuisine to the grounds,  everything about this hotel is exquisite. 

The castle is set on a 350-acre estate with the following facilities: 

• Award-winning spa 

• Six restaurants and three bars 

• Billiards room 

• Red velvet cinema 

• Victorian style greenhouse 

• Golf course 

• And much more  

You can go horse riding on the grounds or fish in the local ghillie. If you  want to have a luxurious and royal experience in Ireland, then Ashford  Castle is the perfect place for you to stay. It used to be owned by the  Guinness family, but we are glad it is now one of the best hotels in Ireland.  

#3. The Westbury Hotel  

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Pricing: Starts from £238/night  

When you take a look at The Westbury Hotel, it may seem like a business  hotel. However, beneath all that business, there is warmth, and the place  is incredibly cosy. Throughout the hotel, you will see many portraits of the  family that own the hotel.  

The hotel is unpretentious and is a great place to stay if you are in Dublin  for a few days and don’t plan on spending too much time in the hotel. It is  located right in the middle, and there are many art galleries, theatres,  museums, and lively bars close to the hotel.  

So, everything is a walking distance, and you can easily get out for a walk  to enjoy the city. The Wilde Restaurant of the Westbury Hotel is also perfect  for entertaining guests because of the ambience it has to offer.  

If you are looking for a no-fuss hotel that can offer you a comfortable yet  luxurious stay, then The Westbury Hotel is a great choice. It is also the  perfect hotel for entertaining business clients if that is your reason for  visiting Dublin.  

#4. The Shelbourne Dublin  

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Pricing: Starts from £287/night 

Located right in the heart of Ireland’s capital, The Shelbourne is one of the  most favourite hotels for people to stay from all over the world. It is one of  the most historic hotels of Dublin that has earned five-stars in a short  period. 

Much of the city’s social and cultural scene has taken place in the  Shelbourne and still does. The Irish Constitution was drafted here, many  literary masterpieces were written, and it is the focal point of much of  Ireland’s history.  

The rooms have a spectacular interior with views that you would love to  see. Through the south-facing rooms of the hotel, you can see the gorgeous  mountains in the distance and the beautiful treetops surrounding the area.  The addition of a spa, gym, and pool has completed the hotel as now the  guests can easily relax and enjoy the place even more.  

#5. InterContinental Dublin  

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Pricing: Starts from £181/night  

Compared to the other hotels, InterContinental is the most affordable  option, and it is only located ten minutes away from the city centre. The  hotel has gone through a major renovation this year, and now it is even  better than before.  

The rooms are spacious and luxurious with interconnected terraces if you  plan on coming with guests and various family members. However, the best  parts of the hotel are the bars and restaurants that overlook the terrace  gardens.  

You will also notice a lot of Irish art hanging all over the hotel. The ambience  is also cosy and friendly so you can always relax while you are inside the  hotel. The rooms above offer gorgeous views of the Irish Sea and the  Wicklow hills.  

However, if you want peace, then you can always ask for a room that faces  the courtyard instead. Of course, if you want such peace and relaxation,  then you can also always visit the spa that offers amazing amenities and  massages you will always remember.  

So, if you want an affordable hotel that offers a luxurious experience, then  InterContinental Dublin should be your top choice.  

Final Words  

These are the five best hotels in Ireland. All of them will provide you with  a unique experience like no other. They have amazing food, amenities, and  they offer the best customer service to their guests. If you are planning on  visiting Ireland soon, these hotels should be on the top of your list.

You can use this information to understand what every hotel offers so you  can choose one that suits your preferences and budget in the best way.  Once you do, be ready for the best hotel experience of your life because  Irish hospitality is like no other.

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